JETPACK© is a toolkit for entrepreneurs and organizations navigating the “fuzzy front-end” of design and projects. This toolkit was build by a group of designers and entrepreneurs who believe in that design is an imperative to helping teams build context and drive innovation whether they are a startup, Fortune 500, or non-profit organization. JETPACK© is broken down into four key areas and is a mixture of workshops and workbooks that empower participants to engage, visualize, and codify their work.


Understanding how the opportunity is delivering value to its future customer within a business context


Identifying the assets in a community, global, or market landscape that have an influence on your concept


Capturing the elements that surround the opportunity to cultivate and develop and authentic brand and story


Building the foundation and ability to assess, identify, and move forward with the future opportunity


JETPACK© would not be what it is today if it were not for the many, many people and organizations that helped develop and test its core structures. This includes: Volta Collaborative, the Savannah College of Art and Design, and over 20 other startups, community organizations, teams, students, and professionals that brought this to life.


If you would like to reach and find out more shoot us an email! We are always excited about collaborating and finding ways to work with others.


Are you interested in supporting JETPACK©? We are happy to take donations or help us share the love on social media. We love user stories and thoughts so write to us about how JETPACK has been of use to you. While JETPACK© is CC, soon you will also be able to order the workbooks and packets online, so keep an eye out!

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